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Bi-specific humanized antibody against Endosialin and Gal-3BP

Endosialin (aka TEM1 and CD248) is a protein expressed by pericytes of tumor blood vessels and directly on a subset of malignant cells. Blocking Endosialin with antibodies has been shown to inhibit tumor growth and metastasis.

Gall-3BP (aka LGALS3BP or 90K) is a a protein secreted at large amounts by the vast majority of tumor cells, which plays an important role in cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix adhesion and as a pro-angiogenic factor.

Use of a bi-specific antibody against Endosialin and LGALS3BP may result in a greater anti-angiogenic and anti-tumor effect than either antibody alone.



Human recombinant therapeutic proteins


LG1 & LG2 are human recombinant therapeutic proteins which  represent an innovative treatment for Non-Healing Wounds and Peripheral Arterial Disease.

Scientists at MediaPharma have discovered recombinant proteins, named LG1 & LG2, which accelerate wound healing through stimulation of angiogenesis and adhesion via an innovative mechanism.

MediaPharma is sought to develop an application of these products in:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Non-healing surgical wounds
  • Wounds related to metabolic diseases
  • Wounds that repeatedly break down

Administration of these proteins in a murine model of Hind Limb Hischemia (HLI) has shown a significant acceleration of blood flow recovery in the affected limb compared to vehicle treated controls. 

MediaPharma is sought to develop an application of these products in:

  • Acute and chronic peripheral arteropathy
  • Lower limb ischemia with foot ulcer (diabetic/non-diabetic)




Gal-3BP in serum/saliva of COVID-19 infected subjects

Gal-3BP is a multifunctional secreted protein of the innate immunity which is induced in cancer and viral infection.

Scientists at MediaPharma have identified Gal-3BP in serum or saliva as a predictive biomarker allowing doctors to screen COVID-19 infected subject who will develop severe complications and ICU.





EV20 labeled with zirconium-89 (89Zr) 

Preclinical proof of activity established: in vivo localization of HER3+ human tumor xenografts.

In vivo localization of HER3-expressing cancer by immuno-PET.


Humanized bispecific antibody against HER3 and Gal-3BP

  • Humanized bispecific antibody against HER3 and Gal-3BP.
  • Preclinical proof of efficacy established: inhibition of HER3 activation/downstream signaling in various tumor cell lines and inhibition of capillary-like structures in HUVEC
  • Indications in Oncology: cancers whose growth and progression depend on HER3 and Gal-3BP-promoted angiogenesis, including but not limited to those arising from breast, prostrate, ovary, lung, pancreas, stomach and melanoma.


Humanized Anti-Gal-3 BP Antibody-Drug Conjugate

MP-1959 is the humanized version of the murine monoclonal antibody SP-2 which recognizes human Gal-3 BP (also known as LGALS3BP, 90K or Mac-2 BP), a glycoprotein secreted in large amounts by the majority of tumor cells, which plays an important role in cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix adhesion, angiogenesis and tumor invasion . MediaPharma’s scientists have generated a non-internalizing anti-Gal-3 BP Antibody-Drug Conjugate MP-1959.ADC. It consists of a humanized, engineered anti-Gal-3 BP monoclonal antibody (1959-sss) conjugated to highly potent maytansinoids (DM3 & DM4) via a disulfide bond to residual cysteine of the antibody’s light chain.  Administration of  LGS-ADC was effective in inducing a long lasting tumor shrinkage of tumor cell lines and patient-derived tumor xenografts.

Indications in Oncology: cancers overexpressing Gal-3 BP, including those arising from breast, prostrate, ovary, pancreas, lung, melanoma, glioblastoma and neuroblastoma.



Humanized anti-HER3 Antibody-Drug Conjugate

MediaPharma’s scientists have generated a novel anti-HER-3 Antibody-Drug Conjugate (MP-EV20-ADC). It consists of a humanized anti-HER3 monoclonal antibody (EV20) conjugated to mono methyl auristatin F (MMAF) by means of a non-cleavable linker. In HER3 expressing cancer cell lines, this HER3-ADC shows a picomolar, specific and target-dependent killing activity. In vivo, administration of a single dose of this  HER3-ADC was effective in inducing a long lasting tumor growth inhibition of  tumor cell line-based xenografts. 
HER-3 is an attractive target for an ADC, as it is expressed in various malignancies, especially when they become resistant to previous drugs, including breast cancer (wild type or resistant to Trastuzumab and T-DM1), melanoma, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer,.