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Endosialin (TEM1) Antibody-Drug Conjugate

The Endosialin/TEM1/CD248 receptor is expressed in the cell surface of tumor-associated stroma cells, as well as in sarcoma and neuroblastoma cells. This receptor is emerging as an attractive molecule in diagnostics and therapeutics because of its expression across the stroma of many human tumors, the low to absent expression in normal tissues and accessibility from the vascular circulation.

MediaPharma’s scientists have generated a novel anti-Endosialin Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ENDOS-ADC). It consists of a humanized anti-Endosialin monoclonal antibody (E.8-3) conjugated to a highly potent duocarmycin derivative by means of a linker. In TEM-1 expressing cancer cell lines, this ENDOS-ADC shows a powerful, specific and target-dependent killing activity. Aministration of  ENDOS-ADC was effective in inducing a long lasting tumor growth inhibition of cell line-based models of human sarcoma.

Indications in oncology:

Sarcoma, melanoma, neuroblastoma, colorectal carcinoma



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