MediaPharma S.r.l.
A Company focused on the discovery and development of innovative drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases with unmet medical need.

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MediaPharma srl

MediaPharma Srl

MediaPharma is a drug discovery biotech company active in immuno-oncology and focusing on research and development of humanized monoclonal antibodies, Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) and small molecules, for treatment of cancer and other severe diseases with high medical need.

Inherently innovative, MediaPharma focuses specially in those cancers that have become resistant to previous drug regimens.

At MediaPharma, world-class researchers, biologists, doctors and entrepreneurs share the same values and have been working together for years.

Mediapharma has received investment from Filas from a fund POR FESR 2007/2013,
measure: POR I.3 Lazio – Fondo Capitale di Rischio.