MediaPharma S.r.l.
A Company focused on the discovery and development of innovative drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases with unmet medical need.


Why not license out your antibodies?
MediaPharma s.r.l. enjoys a very good reputation amongst scientists. Why?

MediaPharma s.r.l. has licensed some high-quality monoclonal antibodies
from pioneer researchers and their institutions.

These licensing cooperation activities help to generate research funds for the licensor’s laboratories, since MediaPharma s.r.l. pays royalties on net sales.

MediaPharma s.r.l. also relieves the inventors from the burden and expense of packaging, shipping and correspondence with people requesting their antibodies, and furnishes the customer with technical data sheets.

MediaPharma’s s.r.l. world wide distribution ensures that the researchers product becomes available to the global research community.

Would you like MediaPharma s.r.l. to license your antibodies?
If so, please send us details about your antibody by fax (Fax: +39 0871 355 6707) or e-mail.
A check-list of the information required from you appears at the end of this text.

If MediaPharma s.r.l. feels that the reagent should be tested in the market (good quality, good performance, relevant market potential), a licensing agreement will be speedily drawn up and sent to you or your institution. If you agree with the conditions, the hybridomas or antisera will be transferred to MediaPharma s.r.l. and the company will pay a licensing fee. Non-exclusive licenses generate lower fees but do not prevent you from collaborating with other companies.

All MediaPharma s.r.l. expects from you is your help in establishing a quality control system that guarantees constant product quality for the customers.


Antibodies Checklist

(.) = required information
n = desirable information

Your Name & Address
(.) Name
(.) Institution
(.) Address
(.) Telephone number
(.) Fax number

Antibody Specification
(.) What is the antigen?
(.) Clone
(.) Subclass
(.) Source of antigen
(.) How was the antibody characterized

n Western-blot analysis
n Immunocytochemistry on cryostat sections
n Immunocytochemistry on paraffin sections
(.) Cross Reactivities
n Proteins
n Species
(.) Reference (if pertinent data have been published)