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MP-1959 (SP-2)-ADC

Humanized Anti-LGALS3BP Antibody-Drug Conjugate

MP-1959 is the humanized version of the murine monoclonal antibody SP-2 which recognizes LGALS3BP (also known as 90K or Mac-2 BP), a glycoprotein secreted in large amounts by the majority of tumor cells, which plays an important role in cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix adhesion and tumor invasion. In addition, LGALS3BP functions as a pro-angiogenic factor through a dual mechanism, i.e by induction of tumor VEGF and stimulation of endothelial cell tubulogenesis, which is inhibited by MP-SP2/1959.

MediaPharma’s scientists have generated a non-internalizing anti-LGALS3BP Antibody-Drug Conjugate (LGAL/ADC). It consists of a humanized, engineered anti-LGALS3BP monoclonal antibody (1959-sss) directly conjugated to highly potent maytansinoids (DM3 & DM4) via a disulfide bond to residual cysteine of the antibody light chain.  Administration of  LGAL-ADC was effective in inducing a long lasting tumor shrinkage of tumor cell line-based melanoma xenografts.

Indications in Oncology: cancers overexpressing LGALS3BP, including those arising from breast, prostrate, ovary, pancreas, lung. Melanoma, glioblastoma and neuroblastoma


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