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Antibody pipeline

MediaPharma is committed to developing innovative products based on monoclonal antibodies designed to safely and effectively treat patients with cancer and improve patient outcomes.


Humanized Anti-Gal-3 BP Antibody-Drug Conjugate

MP-1959 is the humanized version of the murine monoclonal antibody SP-2 which recognizes Gal-3 BP (also known as LGALS3BP, 90K or Mac-2 BP), is a glycoprotein secreted in large amounts by the majority of tumor cells, which plays an important role in cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix adhesion and tumor invasion. In addition, Gal-3 BP functions as a pro-angiogenic factor through a dual mechanism, i.e by induction of tumor VEGF and stimulation of endothelial cell tubulogenesis, which is inhibited by MP-SP2/1959.

MediaPharma’s scientists have generated a non-internalizing anti-Gal-3 BP Antibody-Drug Conjugate (LGS-ADC). It consists of a humanized, engineered anti-Gal-3 BP monoclonal antibody (1959-sss) directly conjugated to highly potent maytansinoids (DM3 & DM4) via a disulfide bond to residual cysteine of the antibody light chain.  Administration of  LGS-ADC was effective in inducing a long lasting tumor shrinkage of tumor cell tumor cell lines and patient-derived tumor xenografts.

Indications in Oncology: cancers overexpressing Gal-3 BP, including those arising from breast, prostrate, ovary, pancreas, lung. melanoma, glioblastoma and neuroblastoma



Humanized Anti HER-3 Antibody

EV-20 is a humanized monoclonal antibody against HER3 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 3, also known as ErbB-3).

EV-20 inhibits both ligand-dependent/-independent HER3 activation and downstream signaling as well as formation of HER3/HER2 heterodimers; it rapidly and efficiently internalizes into HER3 expressing tumor cells following receptor binding.

EV20 treatment  (10 mg/Kg) leads to a long lasting tumor growth delay of several cell line-based xenografts models.


Indications in Oncology: cancers whose growth and progression depend on HER3, including those arising from breast, stomach, pancreas, ovary, prostate, lung, colorectum, head and neck and melanoma.







The first international peer-reviewed journal focused exclusively on monoclonal antibodies.



Personalized medicine

Despite extensive research, today all drugs used to cure cancer are applied blindly, without any knowledge of their efficacy as well as side effects they produce at the level of the single patient. The problem lies in the lack of suitable assays to select patients more likely to respond to a given anticancer therapy.

Of relevance has been the notion of “companion diagnostics”, whereby molecular assays that measure levels of proteins, genes, or specific mutations are used to provide a highly specific therapy for an individual’s cancer – by stratifying disease status, selecting the proper medication, and tailoring dosages to that patient’s specific needs. In other words, it is today possible to examine the impact of genetic/protein variation of the host and the tumor and predict drug responses and toxicities.

MediaPharma is focusing on personalized oncology by developing companion diagnostic tests along with the development of its antibody pipeline. The development of biomarkers that identify defined patient populations enables a more individualized approach to cancer treatment than previously possible and has the potential to reduce the cost of cancer care.

MediaPharma S.r.l.

A preclinical stage SME focusing on the discovery, development and commercialization of monoclonal antibodies for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other severe diseases with unmet medical needs.

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