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HER3-ADC Antibody-Drug Conjugate

MediaPharma’s scientists have generated a novel anti-HER-3 Antibody-Drug Conjugate (HER3-ADC). It consists of a humanized anti-HER3 monoclonal antibody (EV20) conjugated to highly potent payloads by means of a linker. In HER3 expressing cancer cell lines, this HER3-ADC shows a picomolar, specific and target-dependent killing activity. Administration of  HER3-ADC was effective in inducing a long lasting tumor growth inhibition of several tumor cell line-based xenografts.

Indications in oncology:

Cancers overexpressing HER-3 arising from breast (including those resistant to Trastuzumab and T-DM1), stomach, prostate, ovary, lung,  head & neck, ovary, pancreas, colorectum. melanoma and neuroblastoma.



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